So I just don’t understand our Politicians (SPECIFICALLY Republicans) that won’t pass this bill and actually lowered the amount.. These people (men/women) ran to this terrorist attack site to help. The EPA said the air was safe and it obviously wasn’t and now our government is pissing back and forth over a couple of billion dollars????? Are they kidding me or what ??? We send billions oversea’s to other countries at the drop of a hat.. These HEROE’s are dying left and right!!!! These heroes DESERVE what ever medical care they need and wherever they need it.. THIS IS JUST DISGUSTING to turn our backs on them.. Every one of these politicians that voted ‘NO’ are just corrupt SOB’s should and should be ashamed of themselves.. Make sure they’re out of office next time around..

Sorry to be so nasty here, but it just amazes me that we can’t even take care of our own… Sad… Very sad…

Update: Ok so they finally pass a bill and water it down.. How sad is that…


So now they’re unloading their lead on us with these new resuseable shopping bags.. So REALLY, is there ANYTHING that comes out of China that is decent??? We really need to just stop importing anything from them.. They make nothing but JUNK…

Ok, so one of the things that just pisses me off is LAZY people.. Have you ever been to a supermarket, Lowes, Costco or other store.. Why can’t people just return the shopping carts to where they should.. It’s usually in the store or outside in one of the holders for them… I mean come on people it only takes another minute or two..


This blog will be just some postings and ramblings that I have going thru my head at the time I write ’em…. Some will be good and some bad, but usually you’ll know where I’m coming from… Rock ON!!